Redefining integrated modular construction in digital disruption wave

7 th – 8 th July 2021 | Virtual Conference

A digital disruption wave is hitting all industry sectors including construction and it is undoubtable that modular constructions can go hand-in-hand with technological development. The basis of volumetric modular systems, or prefabricated construction,is the initial digital 3D design and the ability to utilise Building Information Modelling (BIM) to ensure the building is suitable for the planned location and design requirements. It is also behind the stackable modules used in several storey homes or larger industrial buildings, including hotels and office blocks.
The Clement Canopy project in Singapore has set a new record to be the tallest modular building in the world by reducing onsite waste by 70% and offsite around 30% with a central materials and logistics platform. The total lifting operation is scheduled to take about 14 months, projected to be completed by the end of 2020.
Under Singapore’s land-sale requirements, 65% of the superstructure has to be built using reinforced concrete PPVC modules. McKinsey & Company calculated that, the market value for modular in new real-estate construction alone could reach $130 billion in Europe and the United States by 2030, delivering annual cost savings of $22 billion. In many countries, modular construction is still very much an outlier but there are strong signs of what could be a genuine broad-scale disruption in the making. It is already drawing in new competitors—and it
will most likely create new winners and losers across the entire real estate and construction ecosystem. Join us at 9th Annual Modular & Prefabrication Construction by Trueventus to earn insightful knowledge and fruitful discussion on understanding emerging construction technologies, including robotics, 3D imaging and even the use of RFID-BIM which are becoming increasingly leveraged to aid the design and development of modular construction. Those technological capabilities are enhanced, sped up and become more cost-effective and sustainable, when utilised in a controlled by factory setting.
• Learn how to enhance the prefab buildings design with an architectural approach
• Develop the right digital manufacturing line for precast modules
• Increase the efficiencies of modular construction with integrated supply chain system
• Understand the tendering and contracting system in modular construction
• Take advantage of the deployment of IoT, PPVC, DfMA, RFID-BIM, VDC, IDD, and prefab data center for off-site construction
• Exploring the applications of wood concrete composite panels, mass engineered timber, and steel concrete composite systems

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9th Annual Modular Prefabrication Construction

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