The Global Halal economy is a USD3.1 trillion market in 2018 and is expected to reach USD5.0 trillion by 2030

What is the Halal Sectoral Roadmap Implementation 2021?

The Halal Sectoral Roadmap Implementation 2021 is a virtual event to showcase the halal industry strategic plan and implementation of the sectoral roadmap. The 2021 session will be highlighting the following:

– Halal Industry economic opportunities
– Its contribution to socio economic development in the country
– Strategic direction designed in two sectoral roadmaps
– How HDC play its role in facilitating implementation of the sectoral roadmap’s initiative
– Panel discussion with the experts covering the opportunities and challenges in halal pharmaceutical and food services industry.

Join us to know more on the robust growth of the halal industry specifically in pharmaceutical and food services sector.

For more information please contact:

Pn. Liza / Ms. Atiqah / En. Haaziq at 03-7965 5555 ([email protected]).

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