Jafar, who is on a regional tour, in his day-long visit to Tehran met and conferred with Mohajer.

Mohajer referred to the long and historical record of bilateral relations and announced Iran’s readiness for a comprehensive expansion of relations and full-scale cooperation with Malaysia.

He meanwhile asked the Malaysian government to see into facilitating the commercial and business interactions between the two countries’ private and public sectors.

The Iranian deputy FM meanwhile referred to the successful presence of Iranian merchants, educated individuals and even elites in Malaysia, stressing the need for resolving the problems with which they are entangled, including in banking and financial affairs, as well the consular problems, judiciary problems, and exchange of criminals.

The Malaysian diplomat, too, expressing delight for having the chance to visit Iran, said that the main objective of his trip is an expansion of bilateral ties, expressing hope that after getting rid of the Corona pandemic the two sides will be witnesses to the comprehensive expansion of bilateral ties, especially in the commercial and economic field, thanks to the visits of the two countries’ high ranking officials of each other’s capitals in near future.

Jafar has already visited Turkey and Qatar, too, also had a meeting with deputy industries.

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